About Me

I am originally from New Delhi, India, the capital of India. It is also a place where water shortage and power outages are a way of life for most. Probably being subjected to the paucity of the two most crucial amenities early on in life is what made me sensitive to matters related to energy conservation.

August 2008

After receiving a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in English literature, I dabbled in advertising copywriting for some months before trying my hand at journalism. I worked in two publications in India before beginning my second masters in environmental journalism at Michigan State University in fall 2008. So far, the journey has been quite challenging and exhilarating.

Creative writing was somewhat the order of the day before I took the plunge into journalism. Much to my dismay, my editors pleaded with me to straitjacket my “overly active” muse. The high-flown words, the 5-mile long nebulous Victorian phrases, the “clever” puns got lost in a bid to keep the articles simple and factual. The muse was forgotten.

“Where art thou, my muse?” I confess, it does sneak out once in a while!

Through this blog I hope to unleash the proverbial “I, Me, Myself” demonic muse in expressing my views on pressing issues concerning me, my surroundings, and my planet–Earth.


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